Kasol – A Stoner’s Paradise

Kasol - A stoner's paradise

I'd suggest to take 2 or 3 days trip to Kasol if you are youngsters and visiting it for the first time.

Why Kasol? The Himalayas, the Parvati river & valley, jungle, cafes, chillum, mini-Israel and peace - all together in affordable budget.

How to reach Kasol? Nearest airport - Bhuntar Airport, 31km away from Kasol. Nearest railway station -1) Pathankot, 150kms away 2) Chandigar, 320kms away.

I recommend to reach Chandigarh airport and book a cab for Kasol if you can't find flights to reach Bhuntar airport.

Warning #1 : Book your hotels in advance at least for the 1st day since Kasol is becoming gloriously famous. Few best hotels : River Edge, Sandhya Hotel, Royal Palace.

Warning #2 : Carry cash since there is only one ATM in Kasol city, which always remains closed.

Day1: Try to reach Kasol in morning so that you can witness the beauty of Himalayan valleys and the Parvati river on your road trip.

  • Breakfast : Lucky Dhaba - One of the best hotel views in valley to have desi paratha with chai. You can ask them to arrange tables for you on the bank of river Parvati. You may like to buy and smoke your stuff here.
  • Lunch : Head toward Kasol main market, it's very small market so you'll find some good restaurants there. Few to name Yerpa, Little Italy etc.
  • Evening snack : Take-away some baked items from German Bakery located in main market and head towards Chhalal. Chhalal is a nice place located in woods of valley. You can spend your evening here till the sun sets. The most beautiful place with woods, river, valley, sun and peace.
  • Dinner : Now it's time to visit some of the best hippy cafes of Kasol for which they are very famous. There are multiple cafes in this small town however I'd suggest to choose Bhoj Cafe(my favorite), Evergreen Cafe, Freedom cafe, Jim Morrison cafe(hard to locate and TBH I don't like this JM Cafe). You will enjoy music in these cafes.
  • Note : Wear white while visiting cafes in the night, these cafes have funky lights indoor that reflects best on white color.

Day2 : If you are going to spend 3 days here then you will need to read this or jump directly to next day. For second day you can book a tent house for your stay, there are many hotels that offers tent house near the Parvati river in the valley. You will find some of the best tent houses on Manikaran road. If you missed out something from day 1 you can visit them on 2nd day.

Or if you are here for trekking then you can head to Kheer Ganga. You will need to reach on top of Parvati valley in cab and then start trekking. It is 15km long route, you may feel tired so I'd suggest to stay there for your second night as there are few hotels.

Day3 : If you visited Kheer Ganga on day2 then you would need to come back to Kasol village to finish your trip, have some fun, visit Gurudwara and Mahadev temple when hot water springs are famous. These Gurudwara and Mahadev temple are must visit sites.

If you haven't visited Kheer Ganga then you must visit Tosh village which is the top of this valley. There are many hotels, restaurants and cafes which suffices your needs. My favorite Pink Floyd cafe and the jungle behind this cafe.

Come back from Tosh in evening and visit those temples that I just mentioned to do on day3. Again visit one of the cafes, have some snack and finish your trip.

View from Tosh village.


View from my hotel, Kasol.                                   This is me in Tosh village.


Parvati Valley.                                                     Kasol.

Shiva temple, Manikaran. Natural hot springs in temple.

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